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released April 22, 2013

All music written by The Ohioans
All lyrics written by Jordan Castro (with the exception of 'Serenity Prayer' by Reinhold Niebuhr (included in track 8))

Jordan Castro - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (tracks 1,2,4-9), Electric Guitar (tracks 5,8,9), Harmony Vocals (tracks 2, 9) Bass (track 9), Drums (tracks 1,2,4,6-9).

David D'Amato - Electric Guitar (tracks 1-8), Harmony Vocals (tracks 1-4, 6-8), Bass (tracks 1-4,6-8), Keyboards, Piano, Percussion, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar (track 3).

Evan Swenson - Bass (track 5)

Andrew Borstein - Drums (track 5)

Danny Kish - Drums (track 3)

David D'Amato - Production, Mixing, Mastering
Jordan Castro - Executive Production

Anthony Bentley - Photography
Nick Seink - Design



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Track Name: ReRecord
It's coursing through my veins again. My hoarse voice sings of rain again. And the weather so predictable and the sky it never changes. Well, the bridges fade to black again and you're laying on mattress and you look just like an actress to me. Our lives just like a horror movie. Your favorite record plays and I can hear it in the distance. I process the words you're saying. But I'm not sure that I'm listening.

Once again my friend I've lost you to the noises in my head. And the voices are all out of tune. We'll autotune instead. So baby we'll practice softly and we'll rerecord, we'll rerecord, yeah.

The morning will remain a threat if we resist the changes that we're making or aren't making us insane or sane, we're waking up the same and still we wonder why our lives remain restrained inside. Our bodies like the cages of a prison we can't escape from.
Track Name: Potential
Our time's spent worrying and wandering around a buzzing hive of bee line passes to past. Why would you dive to make the catch if it's already out of bounds?

I should have prefaced this with I'm never prefacing anything again. I want to hear the story, not about why the characters in the story did the things that they did. Stop thinking so much. Start feeling with touch. It's really not that serious. A feeling couldn't matter that much.

While our words tussle with tenses. Drinking coffee, skipping breakfast. And we'll hurry towards something, but we'll hate it when we get there.
Track Name: Eli
There is no metaphor I can sing to ease the pain. There's no drum fill that can make all your delusions go away. No guitar riff, no composition to clean up this mess we've made. Turn the van around, my throat's too sore to sing, my hand's too shaky to play.

Fuck this masquerade. So let's turn on the house lights and burn down the stage. Move on, move on, move on. There ain't nothing to see here. But I'm not so sure I believe in this music, believe in these words. I want something more than a chorus to sing.

There is no pill that I can take to ease the pain. You can head the wrong direction and just focus on your speed. I can nod away the night time, you can drink away the day. We can dance around our demons, take our secrets to our graves.

Fuck this masquerade. Let's recognize our problems and learn how to change. Move on, move on, move on. Why are we so afraid? But I'm not so sure that a microphone matters as much as the floor. I want something more like a chorus that bleeds melody secondary to the veins.
Track Name: Our Bodies
The meter's running out so we got to leave soon. Cop cars in the college campus cannot collude and you will get another ticket that you can't afford to pay and we can scrounge around for something, a thing or two to save. But either way, it's not in our nature to stay. I've got large bills but I ain't got no change. The things we lose along the way. The names, the faces feel the same in my body, in your body, in our bodies; are always lying and leaving and trying and breathing. Believing our brains. Ignoring the pain in our bodies. But either way it's not in our nature to stay. Move along, move along there ain't nothing to see. The things we want and the things we need. The things we keep and the things we leave in our bodies. Anybody.
Track Name: It Hurts More
For just the chance to feel. You touch just once more. I fight the snowstorm. Let our madness keep us warm. And help us do things, despite our feelings, yeah.

For just the chance to hear. The things that we said and not to feel sad. Let our memories be glad. As memories end. Nothing more than that.

We'll stop worrying and wondering and wandering and hurrying toward anything and everything. We'll find something to work for. We'll find something to work toward. We'll find something to work toward 'cause it hurts more when we're bored.
Track Name: Money
We finally have enough money to buy ourselves a box to live in and soon we'll have enough money to buy ourselves a new car to drive in.

Well, we're living and we're driving, but are we alive or moving at all?
We're making all this money and we're spending all this money, oh.
Track Name: Commiserating in A Major
Alright, you win. I can't blow back against the wind. Yeah, I can't know everything. No, I can't go everywhere. But I can sure say with some certainty that I think we should treat each other better now.

Alright, I know that the wind, well it just blows and the paths are all just roads. So aren't we just here to erode? Well, I don't know but while I don't know I'll just dance and sing and dance a little more now.

Come hang with me. We can sit and watch TV. See, I don't care about the logistics of it all when I'm with you. I don't think that we should talk about our feelings for each other 'cause I just can't articulate it baby I'm addicted to your company.

Commiserate with me. We don't have to feel so alienated. Stay here now, baby you don't have to leave. In your arms is all my honesty.

The snow will melt. The rain will evaporate. The leaves will grow back eventually.
Track Name: I Don't Know
I don't know what to think anymore.

Please don't ask me what I've been up to. I don't want to have to lie to you. But when you ask me how I've been; feeling lately I'll say, I don't know what to think anymore.

Gasping for air. Masking our fears. We're lying and hiding and trying to feel complete still. All as it is, nothing as if. Let all that once was remain gone. Let us learn to accept this. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can't change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." So let's learn to care. Let's learn to heal. Let's learn to listen to someone besides ourselves. Learn to sing melodies we don't have to be singing like: I don't know what to think anymore.
Track Name: Besides Ourselves
You're nineteen years old and you can't slow down and it's too cold to walk downtown. So we'll stay inside and stuff ourselves with anything besides ourselves, yeah.

We're burning bright, we're never burning out.