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released June 25, 2011

All songs written and performed by Jordan Castro and David D'Amato.
Produced by Adam Wagner at Bad Racket Studios.
Photography/design by Mallory Whitten.



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Track Name: Jawbreaker
Lately it’s been hard for me to take anything seriously.

I don’t know what to base my decisions on, how to act right now or at all, [or] anything required to feel an emotion that isn’t ‘i don’t like this feeling at all.’

I remember certain things but I can’t remember certain things.

I feel this as a distinct sensation of loss. The days that we live - they mean nothing at all. I can’t understand how I can’t understand how to make up my mind, 'cause it's too fast

Everything that I think is in terms of other things that I think.

Everything is equally arbitrary as the other things that I think, in terms of the arbitrary thing I thought initially.
Track Name: Autotroph
Make me an autotroph - something that can exist alone. I know, I know, it’s not possible, but i like to pretend it so.

Make me small. Something that can’t be seen without a microscope, or not at all. Take my body, take my brain. I never want to see those things again.

We have our illusions, we have our lies. We have our illusive virtues, we have our vice. We have our time. We have our lives.


Quiet and passive, I want to live but not exist.
Track Name: Streetlamps
I feel so lucky today - the wind in my face as we’re driving away from this place.

I feel so awesome right now - I don't care.

Around everything is a glowing white warmth. I don’t know what I mean but I know I feel good.

We’re not saying anything. Our hands in our pockets, we’re walking downtown.

Feel everything.

I feel like I can’t speak but can’t care at all. The streetlamps go on for so long.

The same streetlamps go on for so long.
Track Name: September 26, 2010, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The drive to Pennsylvania - autumn air, leaves yellow and orange. Me filming the scenery out the window. September weather, warm.

The way you look when you’re driving.

Pulled off at a rest stop, bought a big slice of pizza, straying from my recently-relaxed-due-to-confusion-and-cravings vegan diet. You photographed me as I walked near a cop car - the back of my body, slim.

The things we do that make us feel like who we are is who we are, and not who we’ve been - the drive in.

The bridges in Pittsburgh intertwined. The British accent that we laughed at - GPS system in my car. We wonder what will happen when we get there - we don’t know. Something understood between us: it doesn’t matter anyhow.

I told you I thought that the weather was wonderful. You said "Yeah."
You said you couldn’t hold my hand while you were driving, but you would hold it when we get there.
Track Name: Inorganic Carbohydrates
I want to sleep in until noon with you. We can drink our coffee slowly,
no need to hurry.

No need to eat inorganic carbohydrates anymore.

I want to drive for miles with you by my side. Doesn’t matter where we’re going as long as we’re going.
Track Name: Less Than Zero
Two bags in your hand. You know.

Start the car, hit the highway. You know.

Drive fast, never slowly, 'cause if we slow down, who knows?
Track Name: 63: Dream Palace
Brother, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to tell you. Mother died, just last night.

I wanted her to die, of course I did, but I didn’t want her to die.

I’ll sleep the days, you’ll sleep the nights.

No one’s coming for us – we were lied to. And I can’t face you when you look like you do, so I lie too.

Nothing changes, nothing’s changed - obligations obligate.

I ain’t got no kind of master plan - get rid of what I love while I still can. Creaky floorboards, broken heater. THE ALL NIGHT THEATER.

Bread in one hand, wine in the other. It doesn’t matter why, my brother.
Track Name: Wrong
Wrong is the way I’ve been acting to you. For so long, I’ve been lying to you.

Don’t go, I don’t know.

I just can’t react - I don’t know how. Mind can’t hardly rest, it’s been so long. It’s so hard to admit that i was wrong. And though i mean it this time, nothing’s gonna change at all.

What am I to do when it’s too late to apologize to you?
Track Name: 512
You are the morning. You are the leaves. You are an amber-golden shadow casting over everything.

I feel so lonely - my bedroom still. I’m far away from all the people
the way they talk and how they feel.

You are a sunset so vivid - unaware of everything, casting over everything, forgetting that feeling is fleeting.

You are here now and I’ll remember this feeling, whatever that means.
Track Name: War
Can you feel anything now? Can you rest, go to sleep now?

I don’t care about nothin’. Things go on, things they happen.

What’s it mean, all this talking? I can’t understand it. I just want to think about me.

I don’t want to change anything except the way that I perceive the things I see

No meaning.